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We have at our disposal, access to many different types and manufacturers of refrigeration equipment, whether it be from icecream freezers or drinks chillers, to remote dairy cabinets and vertical glass door freezers, but specialise in the Arneg range of refrigeration equipment.

Whether it be remote or integral refrigeration equipment, the name Arneg has become synonymous over the last 40 years for quality and value for money and is the manufacturer recommended by many leading wholesale food suppliers, to their customers.

The choice of refrigeration equipment available within the Arneg range is extensive with a cabinet available to suit virtually any requirement, whether it be for a small convenience store or CTN, to a multiple superstore.

Whatever your requirement, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss these further, to find a solution to your needs.

Commercial Refrigeration London

At GDP Design & Shop Fitting Ltd, we have been working in this industry for over 30 years of experience in refrigeration industry based in Norwich. We are your one-stop solution for commercial refrigeration in Norwich. We provide a wide range of Arneg refrigeration equipment ranging from chiller and refrigeration units to ice cream freezers and remote dairy cabinets to vertical glass door freezers, in a wide range of sizes from the small convenience store to multiple superstore sizes.

Refrigeration Display Cabinet London

Feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements and let us help you to fulfil your refrigeration needs in Norwich.

Refrigeration in Essex Norwich

We provide the best cold storage solutions to the commercial refrigeration in Essex. If you own any business that requires storing large amounts of perishable items, then you are at the right place. For commercial refrigeration needs, you can always rely on GDP Design & Shop Fitting Ltd, and you will not regret your investment. Whether you have a superstore or a small store, we have a wide range of commercial refrigeration options accessible to meet your requirements and help your business. Only the right commercial refrigeration can improve the products safety and the productivity of your employees.

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