mace shop fit outs

GDP Design & Shopfitting Ltd are importers of the Arneg AMX 35 & the IMZ25 heavy duty display shelving systems and being importers we can be extremely competitive on the supply and installation of these shelving systems.

AMX35 display shelving is the result of the maximum design and production technology, which permits solutions and optimizations that were never possible before, offering obvious display advantages that equates into better quality and value for the retailer, for the benefit of sales.

Within the AMX range, a specialised wooden shelving system has been developed, “Woodline”, the main aim of which is to characterize certain sectors within the store, inviting the customer with the warmth and natural colours of wood. It naturally lends itself to be used in the Off Licence and bakery sections of a typical convenience store.

The range and versatility within the AMX 35 system, allows it to be used for almost any application you care to think of, and Arneg are constantly looking at adding to and developing the range, to meet ever increasing demands from its customers.

Nisa Local shop fit outs

Display Shelving in Norfolk, Norwich, Essex and London Areas

At GDP Design & Shopfitting Ltd we are also able to source most of the other popular makes of shelving, should you need to match an existing display shelving system in your store such as:

Tegometall Shelving

GDP also supply and install Tegometall shelving which has been associated with unparallelled quality and excellence in the manufacture of shop fitting parts and equipment.

The range of display components allows many possibilities for the retailer, where the forms are simple, the colours clear and yet functionality is among it's key strengths. You can choose from a diverse range of heights and widths. Tegometall is also known to be durable and include many accessories. The components can be configured to fit with almost any other and can be combined to create the perfect shelving solution for a retail outlet.

Caem Shelving

CAEM Shelving is another high quality brand we can install and supply. This well known shelving comes in a variety of types and offers a diverse range of shop fitting display applications. This shelving can create a bright white finish and range from glass shelves through to various kinds to Mobile gondolas and storage drawers.

CAEM can integrate finishes and materials with many models of canopies and displays, it always delivers a unique and versatile shop fitting.

The Benefits a of Having a Shop Refit
  • Increase turnover & profits
  • Better stock display
  • Increase business value
  • Improve customer shopping experience
  • Comply with DDA requirements
  • Increased impulse purchases
  • Rearrange store display layout
  • Less stock theft
  • Create promotional ends
  • Better lighting levels & ambience
  • Point of sale material
  • An investment in YOUR business & Livelihood
  • Improved customer flow
  • An increase in average customer spend
  • Attract new customers
  • Retain existing customers
  • Improved stock rotation & less “out of date” stock